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Liquid CompoundsUp one level

Liquid Compounds are the emulsified form of solid bar compounds. Grades range from very aggressive cutting to ultra fine finishing compounds (used with airflow buffs).

They are water-soluble emulsions that are normally transported through one of two methods:-

Equip also supply the Unipol range of liquid polish. as above these can be applied via pump system or via pressure system.

Please contact our sales team for any special requirements.

Liquid Compounds - view all

  • Spraybrite M-8060 Per 25kg
  • Tripospray M-TH52P Per 25kg
  • Ferrospray M-8086 per 25kg
  • Liquid Chromax Per 25kg

Unipol Range - view all

  • Unipol 2102 Metal Polish 50ml Tube
  • Unipol 2102 Metal Polish 1000ml Tin
  • Unipol 8660 Per 25 kg *Box*
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